AN WhatsApp Vs Official WhatsApp

AN WhatsApp Vs Official WhatsApp. Which One to Choose?

How do you decide which is better, WhatsApp or WhatsApp official? WhatsApp and WhatsApp Official are both WhatsApp messaging apps. They have multiple similar features and many different features. We will compare both to see which one is better.

AN WhatsApp

AN WhatsApp

AN WhatsApp is a more featured, advanced and modified version of WhatsApp official with its easy and simple user interface. It is famous because of its privacy features and complete customization, from security to changing themes and wallpapers. It is very important to understand why apps are modified while the original version is available. When a simple app like WhatsApp is not meeting the user’s desires, modified versions are developed to satisfy their users. Now, hundreds of modified versions of WhatsApp official are available on the internet but AN WhatsApp has significant importance because of its safety and customization features.

Extra Features of AN WhatsApp

Variety of themes

You will get multiple themes in AN WhatsApp, as it has its own theme store. You can also add new themes here. WhatsApp’s beauty lies in its golden theme. Sometimes people mix it with WhatsApp Gold because of its theme. The gold theme of AN WhatsApp pushes apps’ beauty to the next level and users enjoy the app interface while messaging. This beautiful theme creates a beautiful cinematic scene inside the app and its user is never bored while using the app for hours, even days, continuously.

AN Themes

Hide the Blue Tick and Double-Tick

AN WhatsApp allows you to hide a blue tick or you may choose a blue tick after a reply that keeps your secret, especially when you are busy in your routine life and want to reply only to important messages.

When you hide the blue tick, your friend thinks that you are offline and doesn’t complain to you for not replying. When you freeze the double tick, that is very funny as you pretend to be offline while you are online and reading the messages. When you don’t disable the blue tick option and suddenly open WhatsApp messages but don’t reply, it will make your friend angry and he will believe you are ignoring him so keep this private by activating the “disable the blue tick” option.

Hide Typing Recording Actions

If you want to keep your every action private, choose AN WhatsApp and don’t let anybody view your typing and recording actions. We are living in 2024 and everything is updating continuously. WhatsApp still has limited features but you can avail additional features through AN WhatsApp. It especially provides you with the facility to live a completely private life. I am a big fan of AN WhatsApp only because of its customization. The app does not force me to follow any features; I can change everything, even its wallpapers.

No Forward Tags

You want to forward a message to your friend or family but you hate the forward tags in messages, as these tags can irritate your friend or family. Download AN WhatsApp and install it on your Android. After getting the app, open its settings. Here you will find the option of “ no forward tags.” Enable this option and enjoy more private life through AN WhatsApp. Now you can forward all kinds of messages without any hesitation, as the forward tag is removed and the message will be shown as you have written it yourself. The no forward tags option enables you to have the owner of someone’s message and send it to anybody without letting him know that the message is forwarded.

Anti-Deleted Messages

You will be surprised to hear that AN WhatsApp allows you to even read deleted messages. The features of AN WhatsApp are unbeatable and can’t be compared with WhatsApp, as WhatsApp has limited features. When you tell somebody who has been using WhatsApp for years that you can read deleted messages, initially he would not believe it, but when you show him the proof via AN WhatsApp, he will be impressed.

see deleted photos and text with AN WhatsApp
see deleted photos and text with AN WhatsApp

Your friend makes fun of you and deletes all the messages before you view them, and when you open WhatsApp, you find “this message is deleted.” Don’t worry, this is time to surprise him. Download AN WhatsApp and enable the anti-deleted option. Now you will read all the deleted messages. You will also access deleted videos and images while using AN WhatsApp.

Anti-View Once

WhatsApp is very strict in its security features, and sometimes users don’t like such security as it provides a “view once.” feature. When someone sends you a file with the view once option, you can only view it once and can’t access it again. When WhatsApp launched this feature, people started using it to tease other people.

anti view once feature of An WhatsApp
Anti View Once Feature of AN WhatsApp

If your friends also send you files as View Once, then just download AN WhatsApp and customize its settings. AN WhatsApp allows you to view all those files that are restricted to view once you can open these files again and again. You can also download all these files, which are restricted to view once, while simple WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to download them.

WhatsApp Official

WhatsApp Official logo

There are about 5 billion active users of WhatsApp as of 2024, and these numbers are directly increasing with the population of the world. WhatsApp Official is a very old app that has limited features. This is the main reason people are searching for MOD APKs like AN WhatsApp to improve their messaging experience with advanced features. In the last few years, people have migrated toward AN WhatsApp because they need new features as we move forward, but WhatsApp still has old, boring features.

Why WhatsApp Official don’t add new features

WhatsApp has more than 5 billion monthly users. It is very difficult to judge the collective desires of the 5 billion people in the world. Some people like simple things while others do not; therefore, it is risky to go against five billion people. WhatsApp can’t take the risk of adding new features that can only benefit a few users. It may be unproductive.

Another main reason for not adding new features so frequently is that WhatsApp is restricted to its security and privacy features. It doesn’t compromise on user privacy so they don’t launch such risky features that are available in MOD APK apps like AN WhatsApp. Recently, WhatsApp launched a wonderful update to its channels. It is liked by only a few people around the globe but most people are ignoring it completely.

Comparison Between AN WhatsApp and WhatsApp

As AN WhatsApp is the MOD APK version of WhatsApp official, it has a list of features that are absent in WhatsApp. The reason behind the modified version of WhatsApp is to provide the user with all those features that are absent in WhatsApp.

AN WhatsAppWhatsApp Official
You can turn off the single-tick option.Single ticks cannot be turned off.
Choose the blue tick after the reply.You will not find such a feature.
Freeze last seenLast seen can’t be frozen.
Block online visibility.Can’t block online visibility.
No more unknown callsWill got all kinds of files
Send a direct message to the unsaved contact.First, save the number, and then send a message.
Schedule your message.A message cannot be scheduled.
Choose the auto-reply option.There is no auto-reply option.
Send 100 images at once.You can send only 10 images at once.
A status character is more than 100 words.The status character is less than 100 words.
Video status can be longer than 30 seconds.The video’s status is limited to 30 seconds.
Long group nameGroup names can’t be lengthy.
Unlimited groupThere is a group limit.
Group members can be more than 265Group members are limited to 265.
Send large files.Only send smaller files.
Anti-view onceYou can’t access view-once files.
Hide status viewsCan’t hide status views
Download statusYou can’t download the status.
Update regularlyWhatsApp is often less updated.
Themes customizationNo more themes are available.
Anti-deleted messagesNo access to deleted messages
No forward tagsForward tags are present.
Group customizationNo group customization is available.
Hide typing recording actions.You can’t hide your typing recording actions.
Privacy customizationCan’t customize your privacy.
Security customizationLimited security options
Lock conversationYou can only lock the app.
Unlimited security optionsLimited security options
Customize wallpapersNo wallpaper customization is available.
Flight modeNo-flight mode option
Send HD files.The quality will be changed.
Separate chat windowA separate chat window is unavailable.
Navigation optionThere is no navigation option.
Pin messages in private chatNo access to pin messages in chat
View deleted statusYou can’t view the deleted status.
Hide media from the gallery.You can’t hide the media. 
Hide camera access.You can’t hide camera access.
Always online optionYou cannot always choose the online option.
Activate DND mode.DND mode is not available.
All primary font stylesNo more font style
Home screen customizationYou can’t customize your home screen.
Create more than one account.The multiple accounts option is absent.
can activate airplane mode.No airplane mode
A message filtration option is available.There is no message filtration option.


An WhatsApp and WhatsApp official are two popular messaging apps with many similarities. AN WhatsApp is developed by getting inspiration from WhatsApp official. The AN has many additional features as compared to WhatsApp. WhatsApp official is considered more prominent and secure.

Both apps have unique qualities. AN WhatsApp has better features, while The WhatsApp official is more safe and secure.

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