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AN WhatsApp vs GB WhatsApp – Which One To Choose?

You will find a long list when you search for social media MOD apps. It will be difficult for you to choose one, so you will need to compare these apps. It is the best practice to select anything when you have difficulty deciding anything. Both AN WhatsApp and GB are famous MOD messaging apps. I will provide you with a brief comparison of these modified APK apps. 

What is AN WhatsApp

AN WhatsApp

AN WhatsApp is A modified messaging app with hundreds of new features that are absent in official WhatsApp. WhatsApp provides only a few basic features. AN WhatsApp has many privacy and security features. The AN WhatsApp team has been working on it’s security and development to make it more reliable. It is regularly updated, and new versions are introduced to make it more user-friendly. Its latest versions are available on our website, AN

What is GB WhatsApp

GB Whatsapp

GB WhatsApp is an enhanced version of the original WhatsApp, with multiple unique features. In contrast, the original WhatsApp does not have these features. GB WhatsApp is counted among the initial MODs of WhatsApp, which is why it has millions of downloads, increasing daily. Around the world, it is used widely. Many features are still only available in GB, while all other modified Whatsapps don’t have such features, which is why it is more popular.

GB WhatsApp and AN WhatsApp are Both Anti-ban?

When both the GB and AN WhatsApp were new these were banned by WhatsApp officials as these are both modified versions of the original WhatsApp. People feel uncomfortable before downloading these, but with time, GB WhatsApp launched its anti-ban version. Now, you can enjoy messaging apps without being banned. Now AN WhatsApp is also improved, and its latest version is also anti-ban, but make sure to download both from trusted websites. 

Prominent Features of AN WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp

FeaturesAN WhatsAppGB WhatsApp
Theme store✔️
Hide blue tick✔️✔️
Hide single tick ✔️✔️
Hide double tick✔️✔️
Blue tick after reply✔️✔️
Send HD Files✔️✔️
Transfer data more quickly✔️✔️
Unlimited accounts✔️✔️
Send 100 images simultaneously✔️✔️
Send all formats of files✔️✔️
Block all unknown calls✔️✔️
Disable forwarded tags✔️✔️
Hide your profile✔️✔️
Pin lock and fingerprint✔️✔️
Dark mode✔️✔️
Pin chat in the group✔️✔️
Filter your messages✔️✔️
Airplane mode✔️✔️
Change wallpaper✔️✔️
Hide blue tick✔️✔️
Blue themes store✔️✔️
Hide camera option✔️
Separate chat option✔️✔️
Message schedular✔️✔️
Anti deleted messages✔️✔️
Anti view once✔️✔️
Anti deleted status✔️✔️
Always online option✔️✔️
Blue themes store✔️✔️
Hide camera option✔️✔️
Separate chat option✔️✔️
Message schedular✔️✔️
Anti deleted messages✔️✔️
Online visibility✔️✔️
DND mode✔️✔️
Flight mode✔️✔️
Message without saving contact✔️✔️
Unlimited font styles✔️✔️
Group customization✔️✔️
Group members 900+✔️✔️
Chat customization✔️✔️
Status character more than 250 words✔️✔️
Video status of more than 60 seconds✔️✔️
Lock conversation✔️✔️
home screen customization✔️✔️
Online visibility✔️✔️
DND mode✔️✔️
Flight mode✔️✔️

Pros of AN and GB WhatsApp

The pros of both AN WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp are the same, as both have multiple similar features. If we start discussing the advantages of both, a large list of features is included in their pros. All their unique features are advantages of AN WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp. The only difference between them is themes and the user interface. Otherwise, these apps have 90% similar features.

Cons of AN AND GB WhatsApp

List of new features that may only be liked by some of those who want simple things and keep their messaging app simple. These apps are more complex than the official WhatsApp. Occupies more space than official WhatsApp. These are only a few cons of AN and GB WhatsApp.

Are Modified APK Files Safe?

When someone knows that the app is modified, the first question they ask is whether modified APK files are safe or not. The answer is yes, but you must remember that downloading from any random site is not secure. You may have to choose a trusted website like

Is GB and AN WhatsApp Safe for Android?

Both GB and AN WhatsApp are modified versions of the original WhatsApp with different names and some different features. A famous myth about MOD APK apps is that these apps can harm your mobile. I have tried both An and Gb WhatsApp and found them completely safe. AN WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp are safe if downloaded from a trusted website. There is more proof that both apps are safe as they have millions of downloads, continuously increasing daily.

Both of these are wonderful MOD APK files. The comparison of both of these is like comparing two sons of the same father, as these are both modified apps with many similar features. GB WhatsApp has some extra features, while these features are absent in AN WhatsApp. As GB WhatsApp is very old, it is more famous than AN WhatsApp.

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